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Panamá a good country to invest.
Did you know In 2020, Panama Maritime Authority (PMA), through the Panama Ship Registry, managed to reach a total of 230,577,081 GT (gross registered tons), with 8,516 vessels registered under the Panamanian flag. These figures represent a growth of 6.22%, compared to the 217,083,822 GT registered in December 2019.

“As of July 30, 2022, all Public entities are obliged to receive only as a valid document to manage purchases of goods and services by the State the electronic invoice issued in accordance with the Electronic Invoicing System of Panama, in accordance with the conditions established in article 11 of this Law.”
Law 256 of November 26, 2021"

Electronic Invoicing for Panama

  • Be able to View and send your electronic Invoices.
  • Be able to View and send your electronic Credit Notes.
  • Be able to View and send your electronic Debit Notes.
  • Make test print.
  • Reprint of documents. (Invoices, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, Reports)
  • Everything from your Invoice System
  • User authorizations and much more.
QR Code: It is a representation graph of the CUFE and others information that allows when scanning it from any mobile device (cell phone or tablet), take you directly to the page DGI that will inform you if the invoice was properly authorized.
CUFE: Unique Invoice Code Electronics, located in the part greater than is a number than uniquely identifies any electronic invoice in Panama. East code includes data such as the RUC of the issuer, the branch code, billing point, date of issue, the sequential number of the invoice among others.
DGI Authorization Code and/or PAC: Must also be located at the top and is a number sole authorization issued by the DGI or / and the PAC to the invoice when the sender sends it electronically for validation.

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    • Formats: JSON, XML, iDoc, Txt, Csv, DataSets.
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